Sensory Gym and Facility Services
Our bright and spacious state of the art facility offers an ideal treatment environment for children who require sensory integration treatment. 

The gym is equipped with several different types of suspended apparatus, a rock climbing wall, and a full array of gross motor equipment.

The fine motor room is stocked with  games and activities that our therapists utilize to motivate, develop, and or strengthen the child's small muscles in order to progress towards age appropriate objectives in fine motor, activities of daily living, and visual motor skills. 

The sensory room is a haven for many children who seek sensory input or are in need of sensory stimulation in order to "calm down" or regulate themselves. The sensory room is a dim, small space which includes soothing music, tactile walls for texture exploration, and a soft sling swing. The "Somatron",or ball pit, provides children with a soothing tactile and visual experience.